Sales Policy


Vintage & Antique Furniture

City Girl Arts endeavors to bring new life to vintage and antique furniture. Even though we repair and improve it to the best of our knowledge at time of work, the piece is still old and is still subject to the consequences of its age and original construction. The piece may have vintage wear under new paint, for example, because we don’t and can’t obliterate all evidence of previous life. Anything that doesn’t need repair at time of work may need repair in the future. City Girl Arts does not make any guarantees about the life of the piece of furniture.

City Girl Arts cannot be responsible for how a piece is used once it leaves our shop, particularly by pets or children. Fabrics can fade, buttons can pop, and customer must have reasonable expectations regarding these issues. City Girl Arts will do our best to address any repair issues should fault be from something in our control. We are not responsible for any issue arising from a matter beyond our control, and is at our sole discretion.

Upholstery Work

Customer must understand that upholstery is a skilled trade performed by hand. Thus, minor imperfections related to performing a new upholstery service on an old piece may exist.

Custom Pieces

In order to purchase a custom piece, a 50% deposit on the piece + upholstery fee is required. Fabric order must be paid for 100% at time of deposit. Balance of 50% of piece + upholstery fee is due upon completion and must be paid before pickup.

Once a deposit is taken, there can be no refunds. If cancellation is required, fabric becomes the property of the customer, but the initial deposit of 50% of piece + upholstery fee is forfeited.

Cancellation can only occur if job has not begun.

City Girl Arts is not responsible for orders that have not been picked up 30 days after notice of completion via email. After 14 days from notice of completion via email, a storage fee of $50 will be charged.

Transformed & As Found Pieces

There will be no refunds or exchanges on any purchases that are not custom orders.


Yes, we ship! We charge a flat fee of $350 to ship anywhere in the continental U.S. that our carriers go. A smaller piece, such as an ottoman, carries a flat fee of $150 to ship. Please contact us to clarify any shipping fee before purchase.

Sales Tax

Sales tax of 7% is charged on any purchase picked up in our store. Sales tax is waived if piece is purchased by an out of state buyer and shipped out of state.

For additional questions about our Sales Policy, we invite you to contact us.