My Methods

Traditional Upholstery & Fine Furniture Restoration


Upholstered Seating

I believe that even more important than the design of the chair are the materials that go into it. I love to use time-tested materials and techniques, such as eight-way hand-tied coiled springs, jute webbing, Italian twine, tacks, horsehair, muslin, feather/down cushions and superb fabrics.

This is the way chairs used to be built up, and results in a piece that lasts for decades.

It takes specialized skill and time, but the result is beautiful and long-lasting under the new cover.

If you have ever opened up (or sat upon) a chair with some age, you may have noticed that, if it was originally padded with foam, the foam has either hardened or turned to crumbs and dust. Not so with horsehair, which has been found, intact, in many a very old seat! Sanitized and curled, new horsehair is lovely to work with and free of chemicals and decay. (Of course, foam is quite appropriate in pieces from the mid century and more modern times!)


Fabulous Fabrics

Being a tactile person, and an artisan, I love the feel and look of gorgeous fabrics. When you decide to have a treasured piece reupholstered, why settle on ordinary material? ]

I can order upholstery fabrics from just about any of the amazing design houses represented, as well as emerging textile designers and smaller houses.

Together, we can come up with selections you just won’t find anywhere else for your statement piece.


Wood Furniture

Frequently I find lovely but tired vintage dressers, desks, or cabinets that would be smashing all fixed up. I love to treat them to a bold color, shine up their brasses, and offer them up.

I use high quality methods, paints and topcoats, and thoroughly prepare them using sandpaper, fillers and primers. I don’t like to wipe away every trace of their histories, so one must expect some vintage character marks and evidences of a former life under their new paint.

This patina makes them richer as a statement piece in your room.