Create a Custom Piece

That Speaks To Your Soul


I specialize in remaking uncommon vintage and antique furniture pieces with modern, vibrant fabrics and saturated paint treatments.

I offer skillfully upholstered seating pieces that have innate character, style, quality, and age, as well as high end vintage wood pieces modernized with color.

My artisanally upholstered pieces feature techniques normally found in fine antique furniture: coil springs hand-tied eight ways, hand-stitched edges and foundations, horsehair stuffing, feather cushions. I love to restore a treasured piece to its original quality and beauty, with a joyful jolt of modern through vibrant fabrics and painted frames.


Desiring your own statement vintage chair?

I keep a wonderful selection of vintage and antique customizable pieces waiting for you to choose from, or, bring me your own worn but cherished piece to transform into a modern gem.

Don’t have one or see one that suits you?

I can source a great chair and create a custom statement piece for you.

First, we’ll consult on the frame’s finish, cost of work, and the fabrics. I’ll help you choose from a large selection of curated fabrics to complement your vision, and order them. When all the materials have arrived, I’ll get to work on your statement seating. This process can sometimes take several months, but being confident in the final look and construction of your piece is very important, so patience is key.


Because each chair is different, the process and services I provide are dependent on size, style, and materials.

Since pieces generally come to me in aged, worn condition, they are stripped down to their bare frames and then repaired, painted, and built back up with new webbing, eight-way hand-tied coil springs, burlap, cotton, and quality foam or horsehair stuffing. When needed, they get a traditional stitched burlap foundation—a must for some authentic antique chairs and settees.

Don’t want to take the custom route?

I also offer chairs that have already had the City Girl Arts treatment. Visit my online shop (and yes, I ship!) or contact me to plan a call or a visit to my studio!


Before & After Transformations



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